lördag 19 augusti 2017

Jeff Foster: The end of the age of gurus

The age of gurus and disciples is dying.
The time of second-hand spiritual revelation is coming to an end.
A new age of democratic teacher-student relationship is dawning.
Where we are all teachers and we are all students.
And we are all expressions of the One.
And we all have direct access to the Divine.

And no guru has the final Answer.
And we are all free to ask Questions.

I have no guru. I have never had a guru.
Or rather, life itself has been my greatest guru.
Pain has been my guru. Joy has been my guru.
The most profound heartbreak has been my guru.
Every relationship has been my guru.
Every death has broken my heart open and taught me and saved me.
Every moment has transmitted the teaching.
Every disappointment has brought me closer to the Ground,
closer to the peace that is my own absence.

The guru was not found on an ashram in India.
Or in ancient books.
It was found Everywhere.
In friends, lovers, students, teachers, strangers on the Number 23 bus. My cat. A broken heart, mending. A song on the radio that suddenly took my breath away. A missed opportunity. A promise, kept or unkept.
You are all part of this divine play, friends.
This heaven in which everyone receives exactly what they need.
Not always what they want, but always what they need.
And you are all held in the arms of the Beloved, without exception.

Fuck it. Call me a guru, call me a non-guru, call me a fraud.
Call me a friend, call me a narcissistic screwed-up mess.
Ignore my song completely.
I honestly don't mind.
I love you, and I love this perfectly broken-open life
where our conclusions are continuously exploding
like dying stars.

- Jeff Foster