söndag 8 oktober 2017

Bloggmässa söndag 8 oktober - Ištar, Buddhistisk eldritual & John Lennon


Bloggmässan återkommer med ojämna mellanrum och innehåller en sorts predikan, ett tänkvärt citat, en illustration och en “psalm”, material hämtat från olika andliga traditioner.

Välkommen in i templet!


Bilden föreställer Ištar, en gudinna som förknippas med skönhet, kärlek, sexualitet, åtrå, fruktbarhet, krig, strid, och politisk makt.

Ištar dyrkades i Mesopotamien (nuvarande Irak), från ca 3500 år före vår tideräkning.

Mer om Ištar


Denna stämningsfulla eldritual filmades i Muryokoin Temple i Koya-San, Japan (augusti 2016). Muryokoin Temple är en del av Shukubo-systemet, som utvecklades för att ta emot för buddhistiska pilgrimer.

Under Goma-ritualen bränner man träpinnar framför en Buddhastaty. Elden symboliserar Buddhas visdom och trästavarna symboliserar mänskliga önskningar och åtrå.

Ceremonin handlar om att Buddhas visdom bränner bort åtrån, som är roten till vårt lidande.


Citatet denna vecka är av det längre slaget och beskriver ett alternativt sätt att förstå och kommunicera med världen vi befinner oss i:

This is my hypothesis: That in order to understand anything or anyone, you have to love it. And by love it, I don’t mean feel romantic passion from it, or any other version of love that is tinged with expectation or sentimentality. This is a kind of love that’s characterized by compassion, empathy, and lovingkindness.

To open yourself up with love to an iris or redwood tree or hermit crab is to assert that you find it worthy enough to bestow blessings upon; and furthermore, that you find it worthy enough to communicate with.

Because when you open yourself to something with love in order to imageunderstand it, you make it possible for that thing to communicate with you -- most likely in its own language, which is not English, nor even verbal; and through the lens of its own unique intelligence, which is not (in the case of the iris, redwood, or crab) the intelligence that is housed in a human brain.

When you open yourself in love in order to understand a creature or thing, you are telling that creature or thing not only that you want to perceive its essence, but that you are also willing and even interested in being influenced by its essence, being changed by its essence. You’re telling it that you’re receptive to be touched by its specific intelligence speaking through its special language -- not your own intelligence and language.

This gives the creature or thing -- iris, redwood, or crab -- a great gift: which consists, in part, of the opportunity to give you a great gift.


Every creature and thing is a node in the Divine Consciousness, is a imagespecial case of the intelligence of the All, and longs to express itself in such a way as to give you a present.

I mean that literally, Everything LONGS to express itself so that you can take it in. And everything LONGS to thereby give you the gift of itself. This is not a selfish longing to be seen for itself so much as a longing to give you the special wisdom and beauty that it alone possesses and channels: a longing to give the unique glimpse at the Divine Consciousness that comes through it alone.

In giving your loving attention to the iris or redwood or crab, you are showing it that you want to understand it. This allows it, in turn, to give you the tremendous and mysterious gift of its special intelligence, expressed through its unique language.

The gift you receive is double: You’re able to get out of yourself, able to transcend your narrow interests and intelligence sufficiently to learn how to understand the iris or redwood o crab in its native tongue.

The second gift is that you’re able to harvest the actual benefits of the “information” that the iris’s intelligence and language convey (and redwood’s and crab’s), whether than information comes in the form of an intuition about the nature of reality, or an opening in yourself of the part of the universal God hologram that corresponds to the iris or redwood or crab.

Yes, you are a tiny hologram of the Universal Projector, the One and Only Hologram, but sometimes, in order to “turn on” parts of the Universal Hologram within you, you have to open to those parts in the physical world."

This is an important part of my strategy to enter into a variety of altered imagestates in my quest to viscerally commune with the Divine Consciousness, a.k.a the mind of Goddess. If I can learn to speak the language of the iris and redwood and crab, and somehow awaken in myself the part of my intelligence that is like an iris’s and redwood’s and crab’s (and it’s all there, since I contain or rather am a hologram of the All-in-One), then I have in effect achieved an altered state. I have jolted myself out of my normal human humdrum awareness and added to my repertoire a fresh perspective, an additional mode of perceiving and understanding the world: as the iris or redwood or crab does.

Let’s say I can do this every day, in little or big ways. At least once every day, and sometimes more on my freer days, I can open my heart-brain with love in the attempt to understand the essence of a iris or redwood or crab, and can, thereby, allow the iris or redwood or crab to do what comes naturally for it, to do what it was made to do, which is to unveil itself to me in glorious extravagant fullness, with its own love nature bursting … and so the iris or redwood or crab can initiate me into the mysteries of its intelligence, teach me how to experience the world as it does, and bestow on me the power to alter my state of awareness -- giving me yet one more tool for knowing Goddess’s mind not just conceptually but with gnosis – with visceral understanding.

- Rob Brezny


John Lennons God är utgångspsalmen denna söndag. En modern klassiker som säger allt. Fint bildsatt av Henrique Ribeiro Bissoli.