söndag 4 mars 2018

Bloggmässa söndag 4 mars - Steiner, Swedenborg, Hine & Chandra

Bloggmässan återkommer med ojämna mellanrum och innehåller en sorts predikan, ett tänkvärt citat, en illustration och en “psalm”, material hämtat från olika andliga traditioner.

Välkommen in i templet!


Rudolf Steiner  - drawing on blackboard at a conference of 14 May 1924


“I order to really live and fulfill our dreams we may have to risk failure, to risk conflict, and even sometimes perhaps to risk death. Life seems in some strange way to respond, to open up like flower to this taking of a risk.

Sometimes it is the right thing to move towards conflict rather than run away from it.

When we avoid conflict, it may sometimes build up behind the scenes and emerge as a worse conflict later. We may need to enter a conflict and powerfully and fiercely stand up for our own viewpoint as well as supporting the other side's viewpoint too.

Sometimes community and friendship emerges from the fires of conflict.

We may need to risk failure; it may be important to recognize that things might not work out, things are uncertain, death or some other event might just end all possibility of success utterly.

True courage, trust and confidence needs to encompass this possibility.

Perhaps out of this uncertainty and unknowing life emerges, perhaps creation and life needs to be coupled with death and the possibility of the system's own going under for our most courageous magnificence dreams to be dreamt into reality.

In order to live our path of becoming or individuation we might need to take a leap into the unknown, a leap off the edge of the precipice and risk failure and one's own survival.

If you don't take the leap, success actually becomes less likely...and if you do, it might become much more likely, but it is still uncertain.

When we take a leap off the edge of the precipice into the unknown and do things we don't know how to do before we do them, sometimes we might find that the small self dies and goes under, but some larger more connected Self is born.

A larger force of nature moves and creates through us, and we see and perceive from the 'holon', from a larger eagle-like vision as we enter some new phase of life or some new reality”

- Jason Hine





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